Ark decoration mods

The mod aims to overhaul the current building system in ARK: Survival Evolvedadding new features and structures. This tool adds 3 additional buttons and one number input box to the UI of everything with an inventory. These tools will only grab resources from boxes, creatures, and crafting stations that are not in use. There are three variants of triangles such as Roof,Foundation and ceiling.

Dtmf tones ham radio

Radio amateurs use tone signaling for many different uses on the amateur radio bands. Tone signaling works especially well on FM because the received audio is spot-on in terms of frequency unlike SSB, where the precision of the tuning can affect the frequency of the recovered audio. This can be confusing for new Technician licensees and maybe for the old timers, too. Today, the pleasant dual-tone sound is very familiar to most people as part of everyday telephone use.